There are many foods that help in skin care, to make your skin more healthy, purity, freshness and vitality. One of the wrong habits during skin care is that relying on industrial cosmetics alone, in the skin care routine, will provide you with ultra-fresh skin and a bright appearance always, while neglecting healthy food will affect It negatively affects your skin and damages its freshness.

Foods that help glowing skin:

Avocado for skin freshness:

Avocado is full of natural oils that reduce flabbiness. Avocado is full of natural oils that reduce flabbiness, tighten and moisturize the skin deeply. It is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which works to strengthen the immune system. You can eat it daily for breakfast.

Foods rich in zinc and selenium benefit the skin:

One of the most beneficial minerals for the skin, minerals beneficial to the skin, are found in many care products because they stimulate collagen and strengthen immunity. It is found in beef, poultry, shellfish, nuts and dried fruits.

Tomatoes and carrots to rejuvenate skin cells:

Tomatoes and carrots contain high levels of phytonutrients and antioxidants, in addition to their richness in (beta-carotene and lycopene), which contribute to cell renewal and protect the skin from sun damage.

Broccoli for skin depigmentation:

Broccoli is one of the best vegetables for females because it is very important for skin and body health, as it helps remove toxins deposited in the blood that lead to dull skin.

Flaxseeds to moisturize the skin:

The fatty acids in flaxseed close the pores of the skin, so it is used to moisturize, cleanse the skin and treat it from acne.

Eggs to close the pores of the skin:

Eggs are rich in proteins and zinc, which makes them the best for rejuvenating and tightening the skin, as well as closing the pores.

Berries to protect skin tissue:

Berries are the best sources of antioxidants that protect against tissue damage in the epidermis.

Caviar to prevent facial wrinkles:

Very rich in vitamins, minerals, omega-3 and selenium, which stimulate hormones, repair damaged skin tissue, and regenerate collagen proteins, reducing the appearance of wrinkles while improving skin elasticity.

Salmon to stimulate skin collagen:

Salmon is also rich in omega-3, which stimulates collagen, which regenerates skin cells, and contains antioxidants that protect against cancer.

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