It is found naturally in the hair, and it is a protein that makes up the hair, and it is one of the essential elements in the formation of the skin and nails, and gives them health, vitality, luster and freshness.

If we talk about hair, one hair consists of eighty-eight percent of keratin, and it may increase or decrease according to the type of hair, with some chemical differences in its protein composition between fine and coarse hair.

And synthetic keratin is one of the most important hair treatments in the current period and is extracted from the skins and nails of livestock and from plants as well.

And you should know that it is not a special product for straightening the hair, as it will not turn coarse hair into fine, but it treats it and makes it look and feel better.

The best types of keratin are those that are free of formalin. Because it is harmful to health, it is recommended to buy the Brazilian-made product because it is the best and most ancient.


It is keratin to which some other proteins have been added, and it varies according to the nature of the hair. For example, if the hair is very dry or wrinkled, it needs keratin with cashmere protein, and if it is dry and wrinkled to a moderate degree, it needs keratin with wheat and rice protein.


It is keratin with a type of other protein added to it. It is found in nature and is essential in the tissues of the body’s muscles, skin, ligaments, cartilage, bones, and tissues.

Ataf, a hair care expert, explained that many cosmetologists use some modern techniques that have not been widely spread to benefit the hair from keratin or protein as much as possible. Devices such as a laser device, which is similar to a hairdryer, but it emits laser beams, as well as an ultrasonic iron, which is a device similar to a baby not, but it emits beams.

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