Greasy hair suffers from excessive oily secretions, gets dirty quickly and is prone to the appearance of dandruff, and sometimes it is difficult to comb, and needs frequent washing.

His treatment:

It is recommended to use shampoo for oily hair, before the oily secretion turns into a crust. It is preferable to use cold or normal water instead of hot, because hot water stimulates the increase of sebum secretions. My lady, beware of neglecting this situation, as the secretions can turn into acid on the scalp, which helps the proliferation of bacteria that leads to suffocation and death of the hair, and thus the increase in hair loss, as it becomes weak and light.

Comb your hair and massage it to stimulate blood circulation. It is also advised to avoid the use of a dryer. If your hair is dry and your scalp is greasy, you should wash the scalp with a special shampoo for oily hair. As for the ends, wash them with a regular hair shampoo, and you can use baby shampoo to restore balance to the hair.

Suitable brush:

It is suitable for a brush made of unnatural materials, with plastic or rubber bristles, and a flat back, where the flat brush can be pressed to reach the bristles of the scalp, which dissolves dirt and dust.


Squeeze your hair with a lemon juice mixed with water without rubbing it, then just wash it with cold water, to restore the sebum secretions.

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