Do you dream of smooth hair? So think about straightening your hair the Brazilian way, but be careful, you don’t have to do anything just to get rid of frizz.

It all starts with an accurate hair diagnosis. After that, a keratin and cocoa based treatment is applied to the entire hair. This ultra-nourishing treatment infuses hair with hydrating agents and adds luster.

The treatment is placed for 20 minutes under a thermal helmet to condition the hair. Brazilian Smoothing is originally a treatment and is even recommended in case of damaged hair.

Then comes the last stage, ie combing. The hair is combed for 45 minutes with a round brush and a hair dryer to obtain the desired result. The hairdresser works on each strand to get perfectly fine hair. In the last step, the hair is softened by taking small tufts and treating them with ceramic plates, which adds luster to the hair.

After 4 to 6 weeks of Brazilian Smoothing, the hair regains its original shape starting from the ends of the hair.

What to do about Brazilian smoothing: Think of it as a real treat, Brazilian smoothing is worth trying once. And thanks to the natural keratin it contains, the hair will regain vitality and luster. And there is no problem if your hair is colored, the color regains its elegance after this treatment. Of course, this treatment is excellent for damaged hair.

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