The black dots that appear on the legs make their appearance unacceptable, as they cause anxiety and inconvenience, especially in the case of short clothes, but today we bring a solution in this article, and we will learn how to get rid of the black dots in the legs.

Black dots in the legs:

Black dots that appear on the legs are black heads and black pores appear after the hair removal process, especially if the blade is used to shave the legs, where the roots of the hair is not eliminated, which results in the growth of hair roots under the skin.

The reasons for the appearance of black dots in the legs:

Shaving is one of the most important causes of black dots on the legs, as the machine used to remove hair strips only remove the outer hair while retaining its roots inside the pores, and this causes blockage of fat cells in the legs, in addition to the accumulation of dead skin and peeling skin.

The correct way to exfoliate the legs and their importance:

Ways to remove black spots in the legs:

Sugar and olive oil:

Mix the sugar and olive oil together, then peel your legs with the mixture, and rinse with warm, cold water.

Sodium bicarbonate:

Add a bit of water to the sodium bicarbonate, then rub your legs with the dough using a loofah, and rinse with warm, cold water.

Salt and yogurt:

After you add salt to the milk and get a proper texture, peel your legs with the mixture, and then rinse.

Brown sugar:

Mix equal amounts of brown sugar, aloe vera gel and a few drops of lemon juice, then apply on your legs, and rub softly.

Vitamin E Oil:

Mix vitamin E oil with glycerol and almond oil, apply the mixture on your wet legs, then rub it with a dry towel in a circular motion.

Egg whites:

Separate the egg white from the yolk, then apply it directly to your legs, leave it for 10 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

the cucumber:

Grind the cucumber in the blender until smooth, then apply on your legs, and allow it to dry completely before rinsing.

Peeling the feet with stone:

Stone peeling is one of the most used methods of peeling feet.

You can exfoliate your feet with a pumice stone by following these steps:

Soak your feet in a bowl of hot water and add a little salt for 20 minutes.
Rub the feet with stone gently and you will get rid of dead skin accumulated in the heels of the feet.
Dry your feet well and apply moisturizing cream, then wear cotton socks.
But when you follow the method of peeling the feet with stone we recommend that you spacing out the exfoliating times and apply them every two weeks so that the skin tissue does not become solid.

General tips to keep your feet soft:

Do not walk barefoot, especially when working with water and cleaning materials.
Use moisturizing creams that contain vitamin E.
Wash your feet daily before bed and dry them well with a simple massage during the application of the cream.
Apply natural blends to exfoliate and soften the feet permanently and periodically.
Be sure to wear cotton socks after moisturizing feet for as long as possible.
Also make sure to peel the feet periodically and permanent.

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