Coconut is one of the fruits that follow the date palm in its classification, and there are hundreds of types of it around the world, and it is used a lot in Indian kitchens, as for the parts of the fruit itself, the outer part of it is green, and it turns brown when ripe, while the inner part is made From a white edible layer, which comes directly below the outer layer, coconut contains sweet water with many benefits for the body and skin, and the coconut fruit is very useful, and safe to eat by pregnant women as well, and coconut contains many nutritional values, And health benefits for the body and skin.

Coconut skin benefits:

Fight dryness: Coconut oil is used to treat dry skin, and keep it moist and fresh, and coconut cleansers are used to enhance the natural immunity of the skin and protect it, and it can also be used in the treatment of dry hands.

Preserving youthful skin: Coconut oil contains antioxidant properties, which slow down the aging process, by protecting the body from harmful free radicals, and it can be used before showering to open pores and allow the oil to penetrate the skin.

Treating oily skin: Coconut water can treat oily skin, for its ability to remove excess oils from the skin and maintain its color.

Uses of coconut oil for skin:

Moisturizing the skin: Consuming coconut oil moisturizes the skin, where a tablespoon of raw coconut oil can be applied to the skin and massaged, to reduce rashes, and beautify the skin from the inside out.

Remove eye makeup: Coconut oil can be used to clean make-up from the skin, by applying it directly to a cotton swab, wiping the skin to remove the effects of make-up from it, and to maintain its moisture.

Body scrub: by mixing coconut oil and a cup of brown sugar, with a few drops of an essential oil.

The nutritional value of coconut:

Coconut is a high-fiber food. Which makes it a heart-healthy food, as it contains the equivalent of thirty-six grams of fiber that reduces the risk of stroke and high blood pressure, and the share of coconut gives 2 mg of iron necessary to transport oxygen to all parts of the body, and contains 160 mg Of the potassium that regulates the heartbeat, in addition to 51 mg of phosphorus, which is necessary to strengthen the teeth, the skeleton, and all these nutritional values, coconut must be included in the diet.

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