Long eyelashes:

Long eyelashes are a sign of the beauty of the eyes, in addition to that they protect the eyes from the entry of foreign bodies to them, and like hair, they need special care to remain healthy, thick and long. This article contains natural methods and recipes that are better than commercial preparations and are less expensive than them, and do not require time or effort to prepare and apply them, and achieve the desired results in a short period.

Causes of eyelash loss and weakness:

The causes of eyelash loss are no different from the causes of hair loss, and these are the most prominent of these reasons:

Age: Eyelashes, according to what dermatologists say, begin to fall out as a person ages, and even when they grow, they do not grow at the same density and length during childhood and youth.
The delicacy of the roots of the eyelashes: The eyelashes need to be treated gently so that their follicles are not damaged.
Bad habits: Using mascara constantly and not removing it before bed leads to dry eyelashes.
Problems with the thyroid gland.
Stress and anxiety.
Eyelid infections.

The best natural oils for lengthening eyelashes:

Olive oil: For long and beautiful eyelashes, by dampening a piece of cotton with olive oil and applying it to the eyelashes, taking care not to let the oil enter the eye.
Garlic oil: To restore the falling hair and eyelashes, by placing some of its drops on an eyelash brush and then applying it to the eyelashes in the evening and before bed.
Almond oil: to help restore falling eyelashes and give them shine and volume.
Castor oil: to restore falling hair and eyelashes, using an eyelash brush and combing the eyelashes with this oil.
Sesame oil: to soften hair, increase shine, and care for eyelashes, by mixing it with one of the oils mentioned above and applying it to the eyelashes.

Natural recipes for lengthening eyelashes These are some natural recipes that work to lengthen and intensify eyelashes:

Castor oil and olive oil:
One of the best natural oils for healthy eyelashes and hair.
Ingredients: A little castor oil, a little olive oil, glycerin. Method One of the mentioned oils is added and mixed with glycerin and packed in an empty cleaned and dried mascara box, and the recipe is applied to the eyelashes using a mascara brush, and this recipe is repeated daily before bed.

petroleum jelly:
To lengthen and protect eyelashes from breakage.
The method: spread a thin layer of Vaseline on the eyelashes and wash it in the morning, repeat this recipe 3 times a week.

Green tea compresses:
To lengthen eyelashes and enhance their growth, eliminate dark circles, and fight wrinkles and fine lines; This is because it contains antioxidants.
The method: dampen a cotton ball with boiled green tea and place it on the eye after it cools down, leave it for half an hour, then wash it with water. Repeat this recipe once a day.

Tips for attractive long eyelashes:

Proper nutrition, such as eating vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins A, B, and C, in addition to olive oil, coconut oil, and almond oil.
Washing eyelashes with cold water, work to restore freshness to the eyes and eyelashes and reduces inflammation and redness of the eyes.
Sleep, getting enough sleep at a rate of 8 hours a day, and avoiding staying up late gives freshness to the eyelashes and avoids the appearance of tired eyes.
Avoid bad habits, such as excessive exposure to the sun, rubbing the eyes, and not removing mascara before bed.
Eat protein, as it promotes the growth of eyelashes and strengthens them.
Eating vitamin H, such as eating bananas, sardines, egg yolks, walnuts, and almonds, is beneficial for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows as well.
Take vitamins E and C, such as eating lemons, green leafy vegetables, oranges, and red peppers, to help hair and eyelashes grow because they contain antioxidants.
Massaging the eyelids, stimulate blood flow to the eyelashes and thus promote their growth and lengthening, by gently massaging the eyelid area and the eyelash line for two minutes daily.
Avoid using mascara on a daily basis, to give the eyelashes a chance to breathe and grow, and if used, they must be removed before bedtime to avoid eyelashes drying and falling out.
Curling (cutting) the ends of the eyelashes, this step helps to get long and strong eyelashes.

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