Circles under the eyes:

Circles under the eyes, circles under the eyes appear dramatically among people, represented by the change in the color of the area around the eyes to brown and then black, and it is not a serious disease or a pathological indicator that raises concern, but it reduces the beauty of the look and the purity of the skin, and the area of ​​the eyes is considered the most susceptible to blackness; Because it is a sensitive, thin area that does not contain fat or glands, and therefore we find the color of blood in it clear, which leads to an increase in the proportion of carbon dioxide, and thus the skin turns dark.

Reasons for the appearance of circles under the eyes:

Transmission of genes from grandparents to parents to children across generations. Aging and aging, which causes the area to thin out more severely.
Adopting unhealthy lifestyles represented in smoking, drug abuse, and frequent sitting in front of computer screens and smartphones, in addition to staying up late to hours, which leads to the body not getting enough hours of sleep during the night, and unhealthy habits also leave make-up and cosmetics On the face, and not washing it before bed, so that a new layer is applied the next day without removing the traces of the previous day’s makeup.
Disturbances in the level of hormones in the body as a result of childbirth, the menstrual cycle, or any other change that leads to a feeling of general fatigue.
Nervous tension and mental state disorder are between anxiety and fear.
Anemia, or what is known as anemia. Congestion of blood vessels.
Exposure to harmful sunlight.

Dark circles treatment:

You can go to the pharmacy and buy cosmetics for removing blackness under the eyes, and the product is usually a moisturizing cream containing a high percentage of Vitamin E that is placed a few minutes under the eyes according to the instructions of the specialist or pharmacist.

Home mixes:

Cut the cucumber into longitudinal slices or circles, then put it directly on the eye, and to obtain the desired benefit, it is required to lie on the back for a quarter of an hour of time, then wash the face with lukewarm water, and repeat the process when needed.
Cut the potatoes into longitudinal slices, then squeeze them using carrot juice to dip a clean cotton ball in the juice, then wipe the bottom of the eyes, and it is also possible to put the potato slices for a period of a third of an hour before washing the face as usual.
Massage the area with castor oil before bed, leave the oil on the eyes overnight, then wash it with cold water the next morning.
Use green tea compresses directly on the eye, to be placed for ten minutes.
Massaging the face and eye area with regular circular massaging movements to stimulate blood circulation and reduce skin wrinkles.

Tips to reduce dark circles:

Get enough sleep at night, of no less than eight hours, bearing in mind that daytime sleep is not equivalent to a night’s sleep at all. Wash the face before bed to remove traces of make-up, oils and dirt.
Quit smoking and hookah, and quit drinking alcohol or drugs.
Inhaling an abundant amount of clean air to increase the proportion of oxygen in the blood, so that it replaces the harmful carbon dioxide gas.
Exercising to stimulate blood circulation in the body.
Eat a healthy, balanced diet, including fruits and vegetables, fish, meats and cheeses, with the need to avoid salt as much as possible.
Reducing the number of hours you sit in front of laptops, Playstation and smartphones.
Drink enough water, including at least eight glasses.
Do not use oily cosmetics.

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