Dry skin:

Dry skin is considered the most vulnerable type of skin to lose its elasticity and elasticity if it is not given careful care and attention, and it may become dehydrated and the appearance of some light scales, and some fine lines that warn of the appearance of signs of aging, and the skin acquires a pale appearance and speeds up its aging and loss of freshness and vitality, it is in constant need of double moisturization. To maintain the level of the skin’s natural oils compared to other types of skin such as oily and combination skin.

Benefits of starch for dry skin:

Starch contains antioxidants thanks to vitamin E, which restores damaged skin cells, protects them from the appearance of signs of aging, and helps to unify the skin color and give it freshness and vitality.
The skin gets rid of deposits and impurities and helps to cleanse it and give it a smooth and healthy texture, rich in amino acids.
Reduces the appearance of spots, freckles and browning, and helps lighten the skin and brighten it because it is rich in vitamin A. Delays the appearance of fine lines because it contains proteins that enhance the skin’s production of natural collagen.

Benefits of rose water for dry skin:

It softens the skin and gives it a wonderful velvety texture.
It treats the sensitivity of dry skin and its exposure to itching and sensitivity due to the fluctuations of the weather.
Moisturizes the skin and increases its elasticity.

Benefits of starch and rose water for dry skin:

Despite the benefits we have mentioned for rose water and starch separately and their effect on dry skin, it should be noted that the use of starch alone for dry skin may benefit it, but it may reduce the amount of sebum secretion in the face, which increases its dryness, even if it is done. Mixing it with rose water, you must add a moisturizing substance to enhance skin hydration and achieve the benefit of the mask without exposure to excessive dryness.

Mask of starch and rose water for dry skin:
Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of starch. Two tablespoons of rose water. Two tablespoons of distilled water. Five drops of natural rose oil.

How to prepare:

  • Rosewater is mixed with distilled water and can be replaced with filtered water, then add a spoonful of starch and stir the ingredients until the starch is completely dissolved.
  • Put the ingredients in a small glass bowl to combine them together in a pan-marie method, i.e. on steam, until the ingredients turn into a gelatinous mixture of creamy consistency.
  • Add rose oil drops to the previous ingredients and stir together and leave the ingredients to cool. Packed in a small airtight glass container and kept in a cool place, preferably in a refrigerator.
  • An amount of the mask is taken and applied to the skin after washing it with warm water and leaving it for twenty minutes, washing, then applying a tonic suitable for the skin and finally a day or night moisturizing cream depending on the time of use.

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