Sensitive skin:

The skin is a mirror of beauty, and it is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, because it is constantly exposed to all internal and external variables, any internal problem in the human body shows its direct effect on the skin, such as pale color, the presence of spots, freckles, cracks, and any exposure to external conditions, such as excessive heat, radiation The hot sun and the bitter cold are all factors that affect the skin.

Sensitive skin problems:

The skin’s resistance to internal and external factors varies according to the type of skin. Sensitive skin is the most affected type of skin, and the most vulnerable to sensitivity, irritation, itching, and exposure to changes resulting from the use of cosmetics and taking drugs. Therefore, sensitive skin requires special care, and a different way of dealing with the rest Skin types, even sensitive skin needs a special nourishment method, a different cleaning method, and additional cleansing, moisturizing and cosmetic preparations, so that it appears at its best, and is not exposed to dryness and irritation.

Methods for caring for sensitive skin:

Handling it gently: Sensitive skin is affected by the way of dealing more than others, so it must be washed in a gentle way, avoiding rubbing and massaging it harshly, and not practicing some of what the skin requires in a crude way, such as removing hair, peeling, and using masks that cause skin irritation, and not using a rough towel, Or the types of alkaline soaps that cause irritation, and clean them with a cotton ball or soft cloth.

Choose sensitive skin care products very carefully: you can determine the appropriate products for sensitive skin, with the help of a dermatologist or skin care experts, and make sure that the products used to care for sensitive skin are free of alcohol, acids, urea, and ammonia, which are composed of a high acid level, as well as those Which contains parabens, and the use of 100% natural soaps, such as laurel soap, olive oil soap, and making sure to try any product on a small spot on the skin, before using it widely.

Natural peeling: The use of natural peels, free of any chemical additives, is one of the means of caring for sensitive skin, taking care not to use deep peeling, and only surface peeling.

Drink enough water: Water is the best care for sensitive skin, because it moisturizes it, gives it freshness and vitality, and gives it super smoothness.

Avoid using manufactured perfumes: Because manufactured perfumes contain a high percentage of alcohol, in addition to causing skin irritation, and the appearance of small blisters on its surface, and strong itching, industrial perfumes must be replaced with natural perfumes, such as lavender and jasmine perfume.

Avoid using mixtures: Mixtures cause increased skin dryness and irritation, especially those that contain bleaching materials, which lead to damage to sensitive skin cells.

Use of sunscreen: Sensitive skin is the type of skin most affected by the sun’s rays, so a high-protection sunscreen should be used to protect sensitive skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays.

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