Facial Wash:

The face should be washed twice a day, taking care not to over-wash it, and avoid detergents and chemical soaps on the skin, and replace it with soap free of chemicals, such as: glycerin soap, and care should be taken to clean the face regularly, and cleanse it daily using a special disinfectant for oily skin. And take care to remove make-up before going to sleep; Because make-up gets into the pores during sleep, which leads to clogging.

Moisturizing the skin:

There is a misconception that those with oily skin should avoid moisturizers because they increase the proportion of oils they have, and in fact it is indicated that all skin types need to moisturize even oily, but care should be taken to choose a suitable type for oily skin free of fat to avoid increasing the shine of oils on it.

Natural recipes for oily skin care:


Honey is considered one of the best natural remedies for skin. This is because it contains anti-bacterial properties, and it is a cleanser and moisturizer for oily skin that is prone to acne. Where it helps to maintain the moisture of the skin, and honey can be used by applying a thin layer of it on the skin, leaving it to dry for 10 minutes, and then washing it with warm water.

Egg white and lemon:

Egg white and lemon are some of the popular remedies for oily skin and are also useful for shrinking pores. Lemon and other citrus fruits may help absorb oils, but it is not suitable for people who suffer from an egg allergy, and according to a 2008 study, lemons have antibacterial properties. Where a face mask can be made by mixing one egg white with a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and then applying it to the face, leaving it to dry, then washing the face with warm water, and drying it with a special towel.

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