Hair breakage:

Men and women want beautiful and healthy hair, but few of them have this characteristic, and one of the main factors that affect hair health is diet; Because everything eaten makes a big difference in hair health.

Causes of hair breakage and damage:


Stress affects mental and physical health, and leads to hair loss and hair loss after three months of a stressful and emotional event, and after hair loss, it grows within six to nine months, and to fight stress; Try some simple stress exercises, meditation, and practicing deep breathing.

Poor diet:

Eating directly affects skin and hair health. Because hair needs many vitamins, minerals and proteins to maintain its health, so a healthy diet is a major reason to maintain hair, and this diet should include healthy and natural foods rich in protein, vitamin E and iron, and foods rich in rare minerals such as; Zinc and copper, and you should avoid eating junk food or following a very restrictive diet. Because this will lead to a lack of vitamins, and thus hair loss.

Hair styling tools:

The constant use of styling tools affects the hair in a negative way, as the hair dryer causes damage to it; Because the heat released from it removes the natural oils from the hair, making it dry and matte, and in the event of a need to use a dryer; Apply it to the lowest level and stir it frequently, but it is best to dry the hair on its own.

Natural recipes:

Coconut milk: The fatty acids in coconut milk prevent the hair from breaking, and this is done by binding to the keratin that makes the hair, and making it stronger, and coconut milk is rich in many essential nutrients that promote hair growth, as it contains potassium And iron; As these nutrients nourish the head, in addition to penetrating into the scalp and moisturizing it, which provides protection against heat and pollutants, coconut milk from fresh coconut is placed on the scalp for a few hours a day and then rinsed, and it is very effective for treating split ends. .

Egg mask: egg white can restore the falling hair and replace it with healthy, smooth and shiny hair. Because it contains restorative properties, and is rich in nutrients, in addition to that it contains high levels of selenium, sulfur, phosphorous, iodine, iron and zinc, and this is what prompted people to use it as a home remedy for brittle and falling hair since ancient times.

Brittle Hair Tips:

  • Wash hair once a week. Unless the hair is very oily, washing it every day can make it very dry and break easily.
  • Sleeping on a silk pillow, or wrapping the hair with a piece of silk, because silk does not rub against the hair, and retains moisture, unlike cotton, which removes it from the hair, thus reducing the possibility of hair breakage.
  • Avoid exposing the hair to heat frequently, especially straight hair, because it contains chemicals used to straighten it, and it is recommended to use tools without heat, such as hair rollers, or flexible rods, which are used to curl the hair and to wrap the hair with them at night to maintain the shape of the hairstyle.

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