Onion juice:

Some recent research indicates that the lower the amount of antioxidants present in the hair follicle, called the catalase enzyme, the faster graying appears. The National Business Review indicated that the production of catalase decreases with age.
In other studies, it was found that onions contain a high content of catalase enzyme, and by applying its juice to gray hair, it enhances the production of antioxidants, reduces the early appearance of gray hair, strengthens the hair and prevents its loss. An hour before washing, and despite the benefit of onions for gray hair, its strong aroma may last on the hair for weeks, so it is preferable not to use it by people who suffer from allergic rhinitis.

Hide gray hair naturally:

There are many natural ingredients that are used to hide gray hair, but their results are relatively different from one person to another, and they may need to be used for a long time with continuity and persistence to obtain the desired results, sage or sage can be used to restore the natural hair color by boiling some sage leaves In water and use its soak to spray the hair, or wash it, and leave it on the hair until it is completely dry, with the need not to use shampoo until the next day, the effect of sage is to darken the hair color by saturating the hair strands with their infusion and transforming them into a dark black color, and hiding the gray hair while continuing to use it.

Henna is also considered one of the natural ingredients that can be used to hide gray hair. Henna is fast penetrating the hair and returning the hair to its dark color. And in the event that you want to obtain a soft color, it is mixed with a chamomile infusion, and it is preferable if the gray hair covers the entirety of the hair to use a small amount of henna, or the chamomile flower soak can be used alone.

Temporarily hide gray hair:

  • Hair coloring and dyeing it using hair dyes in a color close to the natural hair color by combining the two colors in a harmonious way, as it is covered and hidden for several weeks and is suitable for people whose hair appears gray in a small amount.
  • Coloring some sections of the hair in a color darker than the color of gray, so that the two colors are graduated together in equal sections and leave biting the strands of gray as is and this method is called the high light.
  • The use of some hair products that help to temporarily hide gray hair, and it is eliminated by washing hair, such as aspirin hair color and other products.

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