Methods for perfuming hair:

You can give your hair a beautiful, long-lasting scent by following these steps:

  • Using perfumes dedicated to hair, as there are many types of them in the market designed for this purpose, then distributing them to the hairbrush during styling to give it an attractive smell, and regular perfumes can be used, but they may cause hair dryness or oiliness.
  • Avoid spraying perfume directly on the hair, as this may cause visibly shiny spots in the hair strands.
  • The use of essential oils, such as lavender oil, peppermint, and vanilla, as natural substances perfumed for hair, and as strong antimicrobials, which in turn help to treat infections that affect the scalp, which leads to causing a bad smell in the hair, and the method of using it is summarized by adding two to three drops From any essential oil to a cup of water, then massage the mixture into the scalp well, and leave it for twenty minutes before shampooing the hair.
  • Essential oils can be added to the shampoo used for washing hair, with two drops added for every 30ml of shampoo.
  • Keep lotions that smell nice inside the bag; Because using scented oils or creams, the scent does not last for long periods.
  • Use fresh sprays for hair, which are available in the market with many brands, and saltwater sprays can also be used for the same purpose, and will never cause hair dryness or loss.
  • Use a deep conditioner for hair about once every two weeks, and this maintains the hair structure, prevents dryness, and adds pleasant scents to the hair.

Get rid of bad odors in hair:

There are several reasons for the bad smell in the hair, including the presence of a hormonal imbalance in the scalp that causes abnormal secretions in it, or due to a bacterial or fungal infection, or due to a lack of complete care for the hair, so it is possible to get rid of the bad smell in the hair by following the following steps:

  • Wash hair daily if the scalp is producing oils in large quantities.
  • Try shampoo for dry hair If the scalp is oily, and the hair is dry, this reduces the oils produced by the scalp, and gives it a pleasant smell.
  • Wash hair day after day; Because this helps dissolve dead skin cells, and reduce the scales attached to the scalp.

Home ways to make hair smell beautiful:

There are some home remedies that can help make hair smell beautiful and get rid of bad smell, including:

  • Treating hair with apple cider vinegar, which also provides the hair with vitamins and minerals.
  • Tea tree oil, which is one of the moisturizing and anti-fungal oils, is not an ideal solution for people with oily scalp.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is used as a pathogenic bactericidal agent on the scalp.

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