Face pits:

When any wound is healed, it eventually turns into a hole or a scar, and facial drilling comes in many forms and for different reasons, such as: injuries, acne, burns, or surgery, and the process of looking for ways to remove acne pits from the face is not an issue. It is easy, and many people who suffer from digging are looking for a radical solution to this matter in order to obtain greater confidence, aesthetics and a healthy appearance of the skin, and since the face is much exposed to the environment and surrounding elements, this may make the process of removing the pits a long time, so you must be patient to obtain Required results.

How to avoid facial drilling:

These are some of the methods that must be followed to avoid and reduce the chances of the appearance of pits or scars on the face:

  • Treating pimples as soon as possible if they arise, so that the condition does not worsen and thus protect the skin from the formation of pimples, scars, and pits resulting from the pimples.
  • Treating acne inflammation and preventing skin irritation resulting from violent face washing or the use of some inappropriate creams, because inflamed pimples are one of the biggest causes of facial pits.
  • Not to squeeze, pop, or squeeze the pills, especially nodules and abscesses, as this leads to an exacerbation of the condition and serious infections and thus the emergence of deep pits that may be permanent on the face.

Methods for removing facial pits naturally:

These are the most prominent natural ways and recipes that remove facial pits, which can be done at home easily:

Olive oil :

Olive oil softens facial pits and lightens dark spots.

Ingredients: a tablespoon of olive oil.

How to use:
Slowly massage the face with olive oil, then put an evaporating towel on the face, as it works to lighten the pores of the face and make it more smooth, then leave the towel on the face until it cools, then remove and wipe the oil from the face.

Sodium carbonate:

Sodium carbonate is a natural exfoliant that has been proven to get rid of dark spots and pits.

Ingredients: a tablespoon of sodium carbonate, a teaspoon of water.

How to use:
Mix the ingredients with each other until a dough is obtained, and the dough is placed on the face and rubbing in circular motions, after which the face is washed with lukewarm water and dried well.


Lemon juice is a natural alpha-hydroxy acid and is used to hide pits and scars, revitalize the skin, and promote healing. It is recommended to repeat applying the lemon to the face every two or three days to get the desired results.

Ingredients: juice of one lemon, a piece of cotton.

How to use:
The juice can be diluted with water if the skin is sensitive, then the cotton swab is dipped with juice and placed on the pits, and then left to dry completely, after that the face is washed with cold water and dried well, and the face is moisturized with a natural moisturizer.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera helps treat skin swelling in addition to regenerating damaged tissues and promoting the healing process, and it is recommended to use fresh aloe vera gel that is extracted from the leaf of the aloe vera plant instead of the cosmetic preparations that contain it. .

Ingredients: Aloe Vera leaf.

How to use:
Peel the aloe vera leaf and remove the outer peel from it. The gel is extracted from it and placed on the pits of the face and left for about half an hour. Then the face is washed well and dried.

Lemon and honey mask:

This mask works to remove the pits caused by acne and get rid of them. Lemon is a natural whitener that contains vitamin C that helps build collagen, and relieves scars, dark spots and redness, while honey, which in turn is known to get rid of acne, is also effective in reducing its effects, and this repeats this The mask daily for two to three weeks at least.

Ingredients: the juice of two lemons, a tablespoon of honey, a piece of cotton.

How to use:
Mix the lemon juice and honey well, then dip the cotton piece with the mixture, then place the dipped cotton piece on the face or directly on the pits and leave the mixture on the face for 10-15 minutes, then wash the face with water and dry well.

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