Effective ways to lengthen eyelashes:

Use of eyelash growth serum:

You can choose either an FDA-approved eyelash growth serum (works by virtually extending the hair growth phase) or a serum with moisturizing ingredients like castor oil, honey, and vitamin E to protect and promote the growth of those delicate eyelashes.

Castor oil use:

The power and versatility of castor oil for skin and hair is undeniable, thanks to its hydrating ability and antioxidants that make it a beauty staple. It is therefore recommended to use it on the eyelashes and even if it does not encourage hair growth, by itself it can definitely keep your eyelashes nourished and healthy. It is very moisturizing, so eyelashes do not become brittle, dry or break.

Specifically, castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, a fatty acid that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil is also packed with vitamin E, which can help protect bristles from harmful environmental factors. Castor oil is also considered emollient. What does this mean? It is able to penetrate the hair and prevent eyelashes from drying out.

Take Supportive Supplements:

Did you know that your eyelashes are actually fine, delicate bristles? Structurally, eyelashes are made up of the same proteins found in your head hair, and keratin is probably the most noteworthy one. And while eyelashes grow on their own (assuming there are no micro-follicles scarring), providing your body with the right nutrients can promote eyelash growth and lengthening.

Specifically, to build keratin, your body needs several types of amino acids, many of which are part of collagen peptides. This is why research points to collagen and biotin supplements for hair growth, as taking both can help support normal levels of these essential ingredients. In fact, a small study showed that women who suffer from hair thinning significantly regrow when taking a biotin supplement.

Use a nourishing mascara:

A product that makes lashes look fuller and supports healthy growth, there are a growing number of serum-infused mascaras on the market (eg, infused with red clover and peptides), all of which coat your lashes with healthy, long-wearing mascaras while they’re being used. Note: Mascaras with hydrating ingredients tend to clump less, as the formula doesn’t usually dry out.

Eyelashes cleaning:

Just like your scalp, dirt can build up on your eyelashes. Eye makeup and oils can stick to those eyelashes, even eyelash glue. This can limit the growth of eyelashes, even causing them to fall out. Your eyelashes originate from tiny follicles, and keeping them clean is key to healthy hair growth. When washing your face, just make sure to massage your eyelids with a gentle cleanser. Be careful not to pull or pull it.

Keeping your eyelashes healthy:

It is important to keep your eyelashes strong. Healthy hairs tend to look fuller, and maintaining those hairs includes all of the above methods, but you’ll want to do your best to avoid unnecessary stress.

Eyelashes are delicate and smooth and even the smallest of mistakes can easily hurt those bristles: things like rubbing and pulling on the eyes (with both hands and a harsh makeup remover) and improperly formulated eye makeup can weaken eyelashes.

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