Argan oil:

Argan oil is one of the important natural oils for the body and skin, as it has a sticky texture, which makes it suitable for all types of skin, not to mention its content of vitamin E, omega fatty acids, and linolenic acid that together help treat skin problems, reduce dryness, and even reduce the appearance of Young love in it.

Argan oil benefits for skin:

  • Argan oil acts as a deep conditioner and moisturizer for eyelashes, and it reduces the negative effects of mascara on the eyelashes.
  • It promotes the growth of eyelashes and increases their density. The way to use it is by warming a drop of argan oil between the fingers, then rubbing it gently on the eyelashes, or using a clean mascara wand to distribute the oil regularly on them.
  • Calms the skin after shaving in men, by heating two drops of oil in the palm of the hand, then gently massaging the chin after shaving, to prevent scarring, wound healing, and infections.
  • Nourishes dry and chapped lips, by placing one or two drops of it on the lips several times a day, especially during winter.
  • Give lips softness; This is done by mixing a small amount of Argan oil with brown sugar, and gently massaging the lips to get rid of dry skin, then rinsing it.
  • It is a perfect deep moisturizer for the skin and anti-aging cream for fine lines.
  • It is ideal for oily skin. Because it regulates the skin’s production of oil, research has shown that argan oil can reduce levels of oil production in people with oily skin.
  • Reduces inflammation associated with acne, its high content of Renoleic acid

Argan oil benefits for the body:

  • Argan oil is a deep moisturizer for the skin and body, its rich content of Vitamin E and fatty acids.
  • It reduces joint pain, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties that radically solve the problem and aid in a complete recovery.

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