There is no doubt that every diet and diet aimed at losing weight in a quick way carries some harmful effects. This applies to the banana and milk diet, which is not recommended for more than a week in the event that the woman does not suffer from any health problems mentioned, and after consulting the doctor. About the harms of the banana and milk diet, nutritionist Mirna Al-Fataa says that it contributes to high cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and leads to a reduction in muscle mass. In addition, the banana and milk diet does not contain any amount of iron, and if a woman adopts it for more than a week, she may be exposed to anemia, in addition to being difficult to digest, and milk may specifically cause allergies to some who suffer from this condition in the first place.

Worst type of diet:

And specialist Mirna continues: “Dietary diets that depend on one or a few food items are considered one of the worst types of diets for weight loss, as they result in an exception to nutrients that are very important for the health of the body, even if they coincide with taking daily vitamins. These may be achieved. Diets lose significant weight in the short term, but most of the time they fail to achieve this in the long term, as it is difficult to maintain the weight that a person has lost by following an unhealthy diet for a short period. By reviewing a dietitian to prescribe an appropriate diet for the person to achieve slow and gradual weight loss.

Banana benifits:

“Banana is a delicious food that contains nutrients necessary for the body, and has many health benefits, the most important of which is that it contains pectin and resistant starch, which reduce blood sugar levels after meals. It also suppresses appetite, and enhances the feeling of satiety by slowing stomach emptying. From food. Both pectin and resistant starch improve digestion. Bananas have a low calorie content, so they may help you lose weight. Potassium in bananas helps lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease,” stresses specialist Mirna.

Milk benefits:

Specialist Mirna says, “Yogurt provides the body with many health benefits, the most important of which is promoting the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines because it contains protein, calcium and vitamins. It enhances the body’s immunity. It protects against type 2 diabetes. It protects pregnant women from the effects of exposure to heavy metals.” Promotes healthy teeth and bones.

Banana and yogurt side effects:

Regarding the harms of the banana and milk diet, the specialist indicates: “While the banana and milk diet has many properties to lose weight, one must be careful of some of the harm and side effects of it, as it lacks many of the sugars needed for the body to provide it with the required energy. Repeating this diet reduces sugar levels It also does not contain the necessary nutrients such as proteins, which are found in legumes and meat.

Repeating the banana diet with milk causes the body to lose many elements such as vitamins and minerals that it needs, which may cause severe health damage to the person. One of the most important harms of the banana and milk diet is that it causes the body to lose weight quickly, and this leads to the body losing a lot of water at once, which causes the skin to lose its moisture, and cracks and sagging appear on it. The role of this diet in losing weight quickly leads later to a rapid increase in weight to double, so the person who resorted to this diet seems to have done nothing.

It may cause a loss of the ability to control the balance of the body and a feeling of weakness as a result of the low amount of calories entering the body, which must stop following the diet immediately.

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