You have to make sure that there is a very strong relationship between the quality of food and the youth of your skin. Your diet has a significant impact on the beauty and freshness of your skin or on the occurrence of major problems in it such as dullness, dehydration or premature aging, so how can you maintain your youthful and glowing skin?

1. Cabbage: Cabbage is one of the foods rich in vitamin (A) and vitamin (E) that nourish the skin. It also contains 11% of vitamin (C) that helps heal damaged cells and tissues and accelerate collagen production, which in turn keeps your skin tight and supple. So make sure to always put cabbage in your salad bowl or use it in different soups.

2. Lemon: Lemon helps digestion by increasing the production of bile from the liver. The digestive system is the primary detoxifier of the entire body, which shows radiance and freshness on the skin. Drinking lemon daily helps you keep your skin soft and glowing.

3. Red Pepper: Red pepper is great for getting ageless skin, it contains powerful antioxidants, it is also rich in vitamin C that does wonders for the skin, and it is low in calories, so make sure to put it in a salad or eat it between Meals to help you get more beautiful skin and a leaner body as well.

4. Carrots: Carrots help protect your skin naturally from the sun’s harmful rays for your skin, because it contains carotenoids that reduce skin sensitivity to sunlight, so be sure to drink fresh carrot juice or add it with orange juice, and you can also eat it as a snack between meals.

5. Tahini: made from sesame seeds, so it is rich in protein, zinc and calcium, and the body absorbs these materials easily, so it is great for the skin and reducing hair loss, so be sure to eat the tahini salad constantly, but in small quantities; Because it is rich in calories.

6. Blueberries: Blueberries are one of the most antioxidant-rich foods compared to other vegetables and fruits. They combat the appearance of early signs of aging, so make sure you always eat berries or drink them as a natural juice.

7. Seafood: Fish and seafood are good for health and skin, especially fatty fish such as salmon and sardines. Seafood is rich in zinc and omega-3, which enhance skin hydration and reduce inflammation and dryness. Zinc also works to fight acne and freshness of the skin, so make sure to eat fish twice a day. least per week.

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