We tell you about ingredients to treat the effects of fatigue around the eyes in days, that is, puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles, as they reduce them by a large percentage, so that you enjoy a wonderful aesthetic look even if you do not apply concealer. Here, we remind you of better tricks than creams to remove dark circles around the eyes

Because of staying up late, looking a lot at the phone and computer, as well as psychological fatigue and tension, in addition to not providing the necessary care for the skin surrounding the eyes, signs of fatigue begin to appear in this area with the passage of days, and therefore, you have to reduce its appearance, whether through cosmetic techniques and cosmetic products Or by using the following natural ingredients

Sweet almond oil:

Massaging the area around the eyes with sweet almond oil before bed is one of the most prominent home steps to get rid of dark circles and also reduce the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles, as it contains antioxidants, “retinol”, vitamin “K” and vitamin “E”.


It contains a large percentage of vitamin “K”, which reduces the appearance of dark circles around the eyes by strengthening the walls of blood vessels. Apply cold cucumber slices or mashed cucumber daily around your eyes for 15 minutes, and remove them gently to notice that the dark circles have diminished after days.


Potatoes treat all effects of fatigue around the eyes, as they have effective properties by calming the skin and thus reducing the appearance of puffiness around it, and it also treats skin pigmentation, opening it to a large extent. You can mix it in a blender with cucumber for double efficacy, and then put it around the eye contour daily for 15 minutes.

Cold tea bags:

Do not throw green tea bags after using them, but put them in the refrigerator, and apply them daily to your eyes, because green tea contains caffeine, which relieves puffiness, and other properties that tighten the delicate skin in this area, softening and opening it, and also protecting it from external factors.

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