Taking care of long hair strands is not easy, and there is no doubt that you constantly need more care and expertise. Constantly check the valuable tips that experts give you to make it easier for you to take care of your hair.



1- It is important to accustom ourselves to healthy habits to maintain the brilliance and luster of hair. “Hair is just like skin, it always needs to be cleansed and moisturized,” says Richard Ward. “Use a good Clarifying/Detoxifying Shampoo, refresh your hair by rinsing it with cold water for 3 minutes, and finish off with a little conditioner to add extra moisture and shine.”



2- The advice may seem very traditional to you, but you should seriously wash your hair with clean water, as many people wash their hair with the bathtub water, which may leave some dirt in it, so if you do not have a “shower” handle and you are limited in the amount of water, you should wash Hair before soaking the body in the bathtub.


3- Always make sure to use products that protect against the heat of electrical equipment, such as blow dryers, flat irons, and screws. These products are designed to wrap the hair in a thin and protective layer.


4- Combing the hair before going to bed is a good habit, and Philip Kingsley says: “This stimulates the scalp and therefore more blood flows to the follicles.”


5- It is also necessary to collect the right brush for your hair. “A brush or comb helps to scrub the scalp as well as distribute the hair oils along the strands, thus balancing the distribution of moisture to the ends of the hair,” says Trevor Sorbie, expert in hair treatments.


6- It is also recommended to take care of the scalp, just like hair care, so rub your hair well with your fingers while washing it, because this increases blood flow to the area and pumps more nourishing ingredients into the shampoo and conditioner to the roots.


7- To keep your haircut sparkling, it is necessary to trim its ends constantly, because letting the hair dry to split ends makes the process difficult later on. Remember that using the right moisturizers and treatments can greatly help reduce the risk of dry and brittle hair.


8- Your diet can directly affect the condition of the hair. Eating fast foods not only affects the skin, but even the hair. For a healthy look, stick to a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.


9- Do not use the shampoos and lotions that you find in the bathroom, or the discounts added to it in the market, but you should always consult the experts in the salon about what suits your hair, or buy lotions in small sizes to try them and make sure that they are completely suitable for the nature of your hair.


10- Do not over-dry your hair, but distribute the styling product when the hair is wet, and then leave it to dry 75% before using the hair dryer. You will find your hair easier during the drying process, as you reduce the amount of damage to your hair.


11- Hair is like skin, always in need of protection from external influences. Therefore, we advise you to protect your hair from the effects of UV rays by using protective products, and if you color your hair, this will help to maintain the strength and shine of your hair dye for a longer period.


12- If you have any doubts about the health of your hair, such as sudden and thick fall, thick crust or bags on the scalp, you should consult a Trichologist, in search of the right treatment, by paying attention to a certain type of food or following a special treatment course.


13- Get an intense conditioning treatment once a week. You can check out your favorite salon treatments for more luxury, prepare it in your kitchen or buy it ready-made from beauty stores. Also, use a detox shampoo once a week to prevent styling products from accumulating on your hair.


14- The dye can bring more problems to your hair, such as dryness, split ends and a dull appearance. Therefore, you must give your hair a little rest, away from the “highlight” sessions and dyes.


15- According to the opinion of the global expert Lee Stafford, the products we use determine the quality and condition of our hair. For example, dyed hair needs more nourishing and fortifying elements that resist robbing the hair of the luster of the hair.


16- No matter how old we get, the hair still needs salon expertise and treatments. Cutting the ends, for example, helps the hair stay in the best condition, as the ends of long hair have suffered a lot from exposure to the heat of electrical equipment, styling products, and external influences compared to the hair at the roots.


17- Hair expert Daniel Hersheson tells you: “Look for Kerastase treatments from the most famous hairdressing salons, which use L’Oréal Professional products and offer the finest and most luxurious hair treatments.”



18- For a healthy hair look, make sure that you get the best and most appropriate haircut, taking into account the nature of your hair, the cycle of your face and the daily time you spend with your hair. “Many people prefer a haircut that can be styled in different ways, from casual to elegant. Decide with a hair expert to get the right fit for your lifestyle,” adds Nikki Clark.


19- Finishing touches complete the look of healthy hair. Choose a lightweight cream that gives your hair extra shine, defines stubborn locks and calms flyaway ends. Try Nicky Clarke’s Hairomatherapy Crème Deluxe Luxury Style Finisher.

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