You want to have a distinctive look with wavy hair, you want to keep it defined for as long as possible during the day without frizzing your hair strands. Would you like to learn how to make your hair wavy, not frizzy?

I love my thick, wavy hair, but I can’t run my fingers through it. How do I detangle tangles?

Try this hair care routine: Use a conditioner or conditioner after shampooing. Instead of rinsing it out completely, leave a small amount on your hair to make your tresses soft. Before styling your hair, use a conditioning conditioner to define curls and keep them feeling silky. You should also cut the ends of your hair every four to six weeks. You can also ask your hairdresser to use a glossy and smoothing product without color.

How can I make my curls look defined and flyaway in humid weather?

There are a lot of curves in wavy hair, which makes each strand of it very small gaps in the cuticle, from which hair moisture can seep in humid conditions, causing hair to fly. It should be noted that wavy hair is dry by nature, so even though it absorbs water, it often looks tired. Apply a light moisturizing product to your hair to fill in these gaps, and to make each hair waterproof and smooth.

Start by changing the shampoo you use, replacing it with a moisturizing lotion; After applying the conditioner, rinsing the hair and drying it a little with a towel, apply a cream that enhances and defines the waves, and then let it dry in the natural air.

Why is my hair sometimes wavy than usual?

Besides humidity, changes in shampooing strategy may be the cause. Shampooing your hair daily strips oil from the curls, making them more wavy. Reducing the number of shampooing times will keep the waves more defined.

How do I use a curler to create soft waves without looking too frizzy?

In order to get soft waves, apply a product to increase its volume on all of your hair, then dry it with an electric dryer. Apply an inch of fixing solution to a section of hair, then twist hair strands with your finger until they are twisted all the way to the ends.

Grab the ends of the coiled section of hair, and wrap it on a medium-sized curler without pulling the hair too much. Count to three, then release the lock, and repeat the process on the rest of the hair sections. And when you’re done with your curls, rub a dab of conditioner between your hands, and work it into your hair with your fingers to separate the waves from roots to ends.

Is it bad for hair to wrap it in a ponytail every day? Because when I detangle my hair, I notice that there are always a few hairs wrapped around the elastic.

Tying your hair back every day can damage it, unless you take great care of your hair. And so that this hairstyle does not cause hair breakage, follow these rules. Always use hair elastics covered with a fabric such as silk or cotton, and never use a rubber or plastic hair tie. Also, choose one that does not contain any metal parts that may pull the hair. Spray a light silicone spray on your hair strands before lifting it up, so that the strands glide over the elastic without breaking.

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