If you are looking for the reason for the appearance of white pimples on the face that can spoil your look, Yasmina chose to introduce you to her so that you can find the right treatment for her.
There are many types of pimples that can appear on your face, which make you suffer from blemishes in your appearance, but white pimples and its causes can reveal a lot to you.

Hormonal changes:

Suffering from hormonal changes can cause clogging of the facial pores due to an increase in the secretion of sebum in the skin, which is also considered the best catalyst that leads to the appearance of acne. Hormonal changes are associated with pregnancy, menstruation, puberty, or when taking birth control pills that affect the secretion of hormones in the body.


Some studies have proven that the presence of some genetic genes can lead to the appearance of white pimples on the face in addition to the appearance of acne. However, the responsible genes have not been determined by studies.


The diet you follow can affect the health of your skin, and lead to the appearance of pimples. Eating some foods exacerbates the problem of white grains, including foods rich in carbohydrates and sugars.

Skin care products:

There are many inappropriate skin care products that contain chemicals that lead to the appearance of impurities in them, including small white grains, and continuing to use these products can lead to inflammation of these grains and exacerbate this problem in the skin.

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